The success of an Internet site usually is dependent on its content and on where and how you advertise it. Rich content and a proper advertising campaign will often bring about a lot more site visitors, but there are some other factors which can really make a difference too. A few examples are: how easy it is to browse through the Internet site, whether you target different groups with the same content, what position you have in search engines, etcetera. We have added several tools to our Hepsia Control Panel that will help you make your websites more popular among visitors with minimum efforts. The tools are easy to use and feature a very intuitive interface, so you can take advantage of them even when you have no previous experience and you are developing your very first site.

Marketing Tools in Website Hosting

One of the most important instruments which you can find in Hepsia is a sitemap generator that will enable you to create a precise map of every site in your website hosting account. You will be able to choose how many links to be used in it and the kind of files that will be indexed. Not only is employing a sitemap convenient for your visitors, but it will also enable search engines to index your site content better and to reflect any website updates. In addition, you can use two other tools which will improve the overall user experience - a GeoIP tool that will allow you to reroute visitors to different landing pages in case that you have localized versions of your site for different regions of the world, and an RSS feed software tool that will allow you to publish all types of updates. The second will be really handy if you offer products or have a news website. Our user-friendly tools will help you raise the popularity of your websites easy and fast.

Marketing Tools in Semi-dedicated Hosting

One of the things which will have the greatest positive impact on your websites will be to generate a sitemap and you'll be able to do this with only a few mouse clicks with the sitemap generator that we offer. As the instrument creates a search engine friendly file, the search results that people will see from your site will be more detailed, not mentioning that updating the sitemap will also make it simpler for search engines to keep track of all of the changes you make on the site. You will be able to pick how many links and what kind of content the sitemap shall include. On top of that, we offer two more instruments that will boost the user experience of your website visitors. Via the GeoIP function in Hepsia, you will be able to forward people to different landing pages depending on their physical location, so you could have localized versions of your website for different target areas. The RSS feed tool will allow you to post updates, so anyone who has subscribed will receive news, promotions, etc, on their personal computer or smartphone.

Marketing Tools in VPS Hosting

Since Hepsia is one of the possibilities for the web hosting Control Panel for our virtual private server packages, you'll be able to use our software instruments in case you choose it during the signup process. The most helpful tool is the sitemap generator since not only will it enable you to make a detailed sitemap that your visitors can use to browse through your site content, but it will also boost the position of your websites in search engines. The generator makes a file in search engine friendly format, so your content will be indexed a lot quicker and better, in particular when you revise it on a regular basis. We also provide several instruments that can enhance the user experience of your website visitors. With the GeoIP feature in Hepsia you can use localized versions of your Internet sites and redirect visitors to a particular page depending on where they're located, that can make your websites more popular among local communities. The RSS Feed software instrument will make it easier to publish various news about your Internet sites and users who subscribe will be able to read your posts on their phones or PCs.

Marketing Tools in Dedicated Web Hosting

We provide Hepsia with all our Internet hosting plans, so if you need a dedicated server for your sites, you will still be able to use the instruments that we've included in our in-house built Control Panel. Creating a sitemap for any of your Internet sites, for example, will be surprisingly easy when you use the intuitive generator that you will find in Hepsia. With only a couple of clicks you will be able to select how many links and what website content to be included, so not only will potential customers find instantly what they need, but search engines like google will also index your content better and will keep up to date with any website updates which you perform. Two other helpful options which you'll also find in Hepsia are the GeoIP redirection and the RSS feed instruments. They will increase the overall user experience of your visitors, which consequently is likely to make these visitors return to your site. The first option will allow you to maintain multiple landing webpages and reroute visitors based on their physical location. Without a doubt, localized websites can greatly increase the popularity of your sites among local communities. The second option will give you the opportunity to post various news which subscribers will get in their favorite RSS reader on their smartphone or computer.